The Nautilus

The involute Hoplitoides ammonite specimen below has been collected in Morocco, conserved and prepared in the United Kingdom Laboratory, which has allowed the internal structure of the mineralised extinct body cavities of the once extant cephalopods shell chambers along with other key morphological structures, the suture lines and septal walls of the genus type which enable further study.

The Hoplitoides is a funky discus-shaped ammonoid, in the sectional view, this is plainly visible in the images below. The ancient Greeks studied fossils and this lends the author to speculate could the Greeks have derived inspiration from fossils they discovered, it is a fascinating thought.

The ammonoid set onto a minimal bronze mount, this mount does not harm the fossil shell in any way, the clever mounting preserves the specimen in place, each mount is a custom-made fit to each individual fossil specimen.

Nautilus on chrome

Here a fabulous Nautilus from Madagascar has been set onto our custom bronze mount, the mount is not fixed to the specimen, the fossil sits securely in the cradle frame and can be easily removed for study. The legend accompanying this fossil reads as follows Genus type: Cymatoceras sakalavus, Age: Albian stage 113 - 100 m.y.a, Period: Cretaceous period, 135 to 65 m.y.a., Origin: Mahajanga region, N.E. Madagascar. E.Africa, South Indian Ocean.

Nautilus shell fossil gold

The custom bronze mount, part of our classic range, compliments every fossil and mineral element chosen for surmounting, this is the art of The Fossil Store derived from a historic background working with fine art and objects of antiquity. Each object is appraised and a base mount handmade to fit comfortably and uniquely with every exhibit.

Nautilus shell fossil

Below shows a stout and heavy surmounted fossil goniatite resting elegantly on the aesthetically slender support, thus creating an air of lightness to the mount and therefore the setting of minimal design does not overpower the fossil feature. We refer to these types of mounts as our classic range, deriving inspiration from the classical sculptures of the ancient world. Like a series of Greek or Roman torso's and sculptured heads, these ammonoids stand equal in dramatic gravity and chic style.

Nautilus shell

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